Data utility identification

Without a good understanding of the data sources, the information itself, and reasons why it is important for the company’s business operations, no data analytics tool can be 100% successful. With the problem clearly defined and a suitable approach selected, we can clean the data — find duplicate records, clear away incorrect values, and fix missing values and outliers.

Data pipeline design

Codete’s data pipeline design services are focused on designing cost-efficient and user-friendly tools for extracting meaningful information from the gathered data. Our data consultants pinpoint big data opportunities for our clients, then perform several analytical tasks on three basic levels: prescriptive, predictive, and operational.

Predictive Analytics Solutions

Predictive Analytics Solutions for enabling Decision-Making and Intelligence, Risks Analysis and Predictive Analytics Capabilities - Predictive Modeling and Data Mining.

Our Experties are

Loyalty programs

Efficient solutions to enforce sales, build brand and customer loyalty, increase customer retention rate and ARPU.

Business process automation

With BPA system trigger and optimise company operations and activities: HRM, CRM, ERP, SCM, Employee Portal and more.

edTech & eLearning

Powerful e-learning solutions, LMS and M-Learning App for students or business, packed with interactive designs and great simplicity.

Media & Entertainment

Multifunctional and easy-to-use solutions will engage your audience and meet all their requirements.

Social Networks

Let's create an engaging social media portal with high scalability and rich functionality that provides great user experience and usability.


We are ready to help you in the area of Digital Banking, Blockchain solutions, B2B payment processors and Remittances.