Webroxs Levels Last update 3 months ago

Explore the world of Webroxs levels and discover how freelancers can climb the ranks to success. Learn about the benefits, requirements, and tips to reach higher levels on the Webroxs platform.


Welcome to the ultimate guide on Webroxs Levels! If you're a freelancer looking to elevate your status on the Webroxs platform, you're in the right place. In this comprehensive overview, we'll walk you through the various levels on Webroxs, the perks that come with each, and the strategies to climb the ladder of success.

What are Webroxs Levels?

Webroxs Levels represent the progression and expertise of freelancers on the platform. There are four main levels: New Seller, Level One Seller, Level Two Seller, and Top Rated Seller. Each level comes with its own set of requirements and benefits, allowing freelancers to unlock more opportunities and higher earning potential.

New Seller:

  • As a New Seller, you're just starting on Webroxs.
  • Focus on delivering high-quality work and earning positive reviews.
  • Once you complete at least 10 orders and maintain a 4.7-star rating, you can advance to Level One.

Level One Seller:

  • Unlock additional features such as priority customer support and gig extras.
  • Maintain a 4.7-star rating, complete at least 60 days on Webroxs, and successfully complete 10 orders to progress to Level Two.

Level Two Seller:

  • Enjoy even more benefits, including increased gig visibility and the ability to offer more gig extras.
  • Maintain a 4.7-star rating, complete at least 120 days on Webroxs, and successfully complete 50 orders to qualify for the Top Rated Seller evaluation.

Top Rated Seller:

  • The pinnacle of Webroxs success, with exclusive perks like VIP customer support and early access to new features.
  • Maintain a 4.7-star rating, complete at least 180 days on Webroxs, and consistently deliver outstanding service to maintain Top Rated Seller status.

Tips to Advance Your Webroxs Level:

  1. Deliver exceptional work consistently to receive positive reviews.
  2. Communicate effectively with clients to build trust and satisfaction.
  3. Optimize your gig descriptions, tags, and images for better visibility.
  4. Offer competitive pricing and compelling gig extras to attract more buyers.
  5. Stay active on the platform and respond promptly to messages.


Unlocking higher Webroxs levels is a journey that requires dedication, quality work, and effective communication. By understanding the requirements and implementing strategic tips, you'll be on your way to climbing the Webroxs Levels and achieving freelance success. Good luck on your Webroxs journey!